You can call me somewhat of an LA kid, though the comment seems a little two-faced these days. I was born and raised in the South Bay but call Long Beach home. Out of high school I dropped straight into community college and found a calling almost immediately: journalism. It was writing with a purpose, I figured. A direct line of hard work was all packaged up with the perfect amount of writing. After a couple years I transferred to a university, and times were good. Then dominoes began to fall and it seemed at the time every newspaper was scrambling to shore up their business models to be profitable. After all that bloodshed, I needed a blank canvas. In Through the Out Door was born during that time.


Originally, this whole project was a vastly different beast than what I’m happy to release soon. The story was a little less grounded in reality, and the publishing was meant to be episodic and a little more visceral. This brings us to present day, where I am gearing up to crowdfund and self publish the first edition of my novel. Instead of asking hopeful readers to “buy” a novel,  they’ll “pledge” money to fund it, with the finished product being delivered to their doors the second the book is printed. The amount of money per pledge will actually allow me to pay for multiple copies of my novel to be printed – so if 500 people pledge, that’s 1,000 books. Half of those go to those generous enough to have originally supported my venture, and the other half I sell in bookstores throughout LA and OC.


My thought is if I sell enough copies of the first edition on my own, it will give me a key advantage to securing a wide-release publishing deal down the line. Think of indie bands and artists hustling mixtapes and LPs with dreams of signing a deal for a record.


… I know, if the concept is daunting to you, it’s probably two-fold for me. Writing fiction is an unbelievable experience. I spent a year and a half cooped up, writing this story all by my lonesome. Now it finally all feels real. And I can’t wait for you to read this incredible story.


In Through the Out Door, coming August 2016.



On a quiet street on the outskirts of Greenwich Village, Saul Selinger stumbles across a grandfather clock frozen in time. When he realizes it’s the same one buried deep within his consciousness, it sets off  a bizarre adventure that questions where he’s been, what he’s done, and the very state of the world he lives in.